Zone System Air Conditioning Perth | Ascent Air

For energy smart performance and advanced technology in zoning we choose Polyaire and Advantage Air.

With zoning, you can choose to heat or cool a specific area of your home or office without other areas being affected.

Installing a zone system to manage airflow from your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit can reduce your energy costs and help you save on running costs.

How do Zoning Components Work?

A motorized damper can be operated by you via a zone wall controller. The motorized damper can be installed in two ways.

Inline Ducting Zone System


Exact Air Regulator


What Zone Systems are Available?

We offer the following zone system options:

  • Zone switch damper control system – a simple on/off wall controller with up to 6 zones and LED indicators.
  • Zone 10– Touchscreen controller which allows you to adjust the airflow to each zone in precise 10% increments to achieve optimum comfort and program on/off clock times for each zone.
  • My Air – Larger touchscreen controller with the same advanced features as Zone 10.