Daikin Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is on the rise worldwide. Especially in emerging countries across the globe, where the rise in middle income housing has pushed the worldwide air conditioning spending from nine billion in 2010 to a projected sixteen billion in 2015.

Bringing excellence to the air conditioning market is what Daikin focuses on. With sales markets that reach across 90 countries Daikin is the number one air conditioning company in the world. They are a company focuses on the integration of people in the markets that they sell to. They really allow local talent to take the reins in regard to production, service, and installation of their units.

With the recent shift to “energy efficiency” that has been seen across the globe in developed countries Daikin Air Conditioners have really stepped it up. All of Daikin’s units offer class leading energy efficiency. Daikin is also a company focused on sustainability. Air is something that every living person on the earth comes in contact with every day. At Daikin they are focused on the future of the world’s air. They use knowledge, technology, and experience to help improve the quality of the air that we all breathe every day.

Offering a wide variety of options, Daikin is not just limited to ducted and ductless air conditioners. They are also world leaders in heat pumps, gas furnaces, and air handlers. Daikin has always focused on being the leader in the industry. Not only in service, but in technology as well, Daikin is on the front lines of technological advance. Offering the most advanced split, and multi-split air conditioners on the market.

Daikin offers a one of a kind guarantee. In the form of the Daikin Comfort Promise, if you are dissatisfied with the installation, service, or performance of the unit that you have had installed, Daikin invites you to contact them directly. A Daikin Comfort Pro will contact you to discuss the issue that you are having. They will do everything they can within reason to rectify the issue. With this no worry product and service guarantee you can rest easy, knowing that you have chosen to purchase with a company that really cares about the satisfaction of the consumer.


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