Central Air Conditioners

Who doesn’t want to escape from the heat of the day? Air conditioners can offer a much needed escape from the elements. What air conditioner to choose is a daunting task to any homeowner One of the most common options on the market today is the central air system. This type of system is typically tied into the existing duct work in your home. If your home does not have duct work it may be necessary to have it installed.

Central air conditioners are one of the simplest to use. They are quiet, efficient, and reliable. They offer the best overall control of the temperature in your home or office. They eliminate the “hot spots” that you will commonly experience with the use of a portable unit or a window unit.

The most common issue with central air is ensuring that you purchase a system that is large enough to efficiently cool your home. Having an underpowered unit can lead to excessive operation and high energy bills. As well if you do not have the correct sized unit installed it can lead to inadequate dehumidification. This will limit the effects of your air conditioner.

Central air units are made up of two parts. The condenser and the evaporation unit, these two separate sections are connected with refrigerant tubing. The condenser is a large box shaped unit that will be placed outside your home. Consisting of a compressor, condensing coils, and a fan these units are responsible for cooling the refrigerant. The evaporation unit is located at the top (the plenum) of your furnace. This allows the air conditioner to use the same duct work as your heater.

Central air conditioners are also thought to be the most efficient at controlling the humidity in your home. Some units even have a humidity setting on the thermostat. Controlling the humidity can be beneficial for many reasons. These include but are not limited to, comfort, health, energy, moisture control, and mold/mildew control. Focusing on the mold and mildew control, this feature can save you from costly issues with your homes structure. Further keeping the humidity in check in your home will help to prevent the damage of your belongings.


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