The Benefits Of Split Air Conditioning In Perth

When you’re thinking about air conditioning in Perth you’re going to be met with a number of options for your cooling needs. There are portable indoor units, semi-permanent window mounted air conditioners, and of course the split type air conditioners that continue to rise in popularity.

Although each solution provides a number of unique benefits, the split-type units are the most versatile. Full climate control inverter units can both cool and heat your home, and with energy efficiency and low profile looks they’re often the best choice.

Split air Conditioners are the most Cost Effective Solution

Split-type air conditioning in Perth can provide cost benefits on installation, and throughout the lifetime of the unit. Because split-type units don’t require ducting, costs are reduced when it comes to installation. In fact, only a small port is needed to link the copper piping and wiring to an outside condenser. The condenser unit can be seated on a ground or wall mounted platform, or even on a flat area of roof adjacent to the wall where the unit will be installed.

It’s not just the installation where savings can be made, but through the running of the unit as well. A split-type unit is more efficient for home use when cooling is only required at certain times of the day. A living room, bedroom, or home office can be quickly cooled using smaller fan motors than a large ducted installation. Energy is not wasted heating areas of the home that aren’t occupied, and over time this will equate to energy savings. This also means that split air conditioners are more environmentally friendly.

Versatility in Operation

Average temperatures in Perth can exceed 30°C during January and February, but throughout the winter, temperatures can drop below 8°C. So while cooling is absolutely necessary for at least six months of the year, heating is a concern for the remaining months. A split type inverter/heat pump means that you can cool and provide warmth with a single unit. This eliminates the need for gas or expensive conventional heaters. These units also dehumidify the air as they operate, providing a dryer and healthier environment.

For home and even small commercial applications, the split units are currently the best air conditioning solutions in Perth. They’re efficient, cost effective, and versatile in function. Complementing these benefits is the fact that their low profile designs make them all but invisible in any room.

If you want a more comfortable environment all year round, installing an air conditioner is the smartest investment you can make.


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