Air Conditioning Perth

Air conditioning can be a real lifesaver. Especially in a climate such as ours. Whether its the home or the office, you need air conditioning. Perth is known for the dry climate and the oppressive heat. If you want to get around that, installing an air conditioner is priority for you, but which one?

In many cases installing a central air conditioning unit is simply not feasible. That does not however mean that you are limited to bulky window units. Window unit air conditioners are ok for temporary relief, but the fact is that in most cases these units are noisy and in-efficient, not to mention they make the window that they are installed in completely in operable.

What many people don’t know is that there is another option in the quest for air conditioning. Split system air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular. These units are suitable in many applications, including residential, and office use.
A split system is comprised two parts one being in the home/office referred to as a head unit, and a condenser outside the building. Refrigerant is then piped to the head unit inside the home. This type of system is ideal for the cooling of a single room. These types of units are what you will commonly see mounted below the window in a hotel room. They are multiuse as most major brands offer units that both heat and cool.

Many brands also offer multiple head units that are all connected to a single compressor outside the building. A major benefit of this type of set-up is that is allows for individual temperature settings from room to room. This type of system may allow you to save hundreds on your utility bills compared to a central air unit. Instead of paying to cool your entire home you are only cooling the rooms that need it.

This type of air conditioning is becoming more and more popular in residential situations. Most of the major brands including Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic offer that kind of air conditioning.This means that you will most likely have access to one of these units no matter what brand you select to use.

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