Ducted Air Conditioning

You can’t beat the heat!!  That’s a statement that you would have heard repeated over and over  if you lived a few decades ago.

A hundred years ago, there was very little that could be done about the temperature. If it was markedly warm that year, you’d have no recourse other than to grumble about it while placing cool cloths on your neck. If you could afford it, you’d go away to the mountains or the seaside and hope that the weather  would break and the temperature would lower.

Fortunately that isn’t true today. We have some real choices when it comes to the comfort and the climate inside our home.

Using air conditioning units or ducted air conditioning, you can find some measure of comfort inside your home or office even on the warmest days of the year.

Multiple types of air conditioning exist whereby your home can be cooled.  Some are much cheaper to install while others will cost a little more. Typically those that are the lowest in cost to install, such as the window or wall units, are not as energy efficient and will cost more to operate than a ducted air conditioning unit.

Ducted air conditioning means that the air cools the entire home by circulating the air via ductwork that is installed beneath the flooring or inside the walls. The heated air is drawn out of the home, into the ducts where it becomes cooled air by flowing through a cooling unit. Once the air is sufficiently cooled it is pumped out into the ducting where it circulates into the home and cools the air inside the house. A thermostat is typically used to determine the level to which the air is cooled.

You’ll set the thermostat telling the unit how cool you want the air to be. The unit that you are using interprets this and cools the air to that extent. The unit continues to operate until the temperature in the home that you designated is achieved and then will shut off until the temperature rises again.

This is unique from the way that a window or wall unit might work. Those operate nearly full time and the units that do have a thermostat are not as accurate as central air conditioning or ducted air conditioning.
What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning works on a system of air supply and air return. The air continuously circulates through the system until it reaches the required temperature set by you. This type of air conditioning is also called central air conditioning.  Air conditioning installation of this variety can be costly to begin with, but may be much more energy efficient and have a lower operational cost than many other types of air conditioning.  Ducted air con, Perth may help to reduce the use of energy for cooling your home because it is by and large a closed system.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Another type of air conditioning that may be money saving and also quite efficient is reverse cycle air conditioning. This is also ducted air conditioning that is done using what is primarily a heating device working in reverse–which accounts for the name. It pumps cool air into the home after sending it through a cooling unit.

The cooling unit works much like the heating unit. Air is drawn in, either heated or cooled, depending on the temperature and then pumped back into the home. A reverse air conditioning unit is also known as a heat pump in other parts of the world. One example of the reverse cycle air conditioner is the LG ducted reverse air conditioners. Perth residents are familiar with this type of air conditioning as it is in frequent use and is cost effective for our area.

No matter what type of air conditioning you elect to use, reverse cycle air conditioning or central air conditioning, it is imperative that your air conditioning is installed and serviced by professionals who know their business. Having your air conditioning installed by someone who is not trained in the installation and does not have the skill and experience required could mean that your unit does not operate as it should and may lead to costly damage and/or repairs.


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