Choose Your Airconditioner

Thinking Evaporative Cooling or Gas Heating?


Ducted Evaporative Cooling provides for whole of home cooling comfort. An Evaporative cooling system is essentially a fan that draws warm outside air through moistened pads and blows the now-cooled fresh filtered air throughout your home.

Investment from only $2900* to $4500* for average homes installed.


Ducted Gas provides for whole of home heating comfort. It is an available form of heating only if your home has natural gas connection. Located in the roof cavity, the system burns natural gas inside it’s heat exchanger to radiate heat, then flows cosy warm air ducted to outlets throughout your home. The warm air is recycled until your desired temperature is reached. Burnt gases are expelled outside through a power flue, unlike plug in portable gas heaters.

Investment from only $3100* to $5500* for average homes installed.

Thinking Reverse Cycle for Cooling & Heating?


Reverse Cycle Wall/Cassette/Ceiling & Floor Console/Multi Split Systems consist of an interconnecting wall mounted indoor fan unit or ceiling and outdoor condensing unit. Refrigerant vapor and liquid flows between them to either cool inside air by absorbing heat and moisture or; heat inside air by radiating heat. Systems range to aircondition from 20 to 90sqm areas. Ideal for Bedrooms, offices or living areas. This type of airconditioner works best to reduce humidity. The indoor unit is positioned on a suitable wall or ceiling to flow air into your desired room.

Investment from only $1600* to $4000* installed.


Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning provides for whole of home heating & cooling comfort. It works on the same principle of airconditioning as a wall split system, although the indoor unit is located in the roof cavity distributing airflow through ducting. Outlets are installed throughout designated rooms with zone stations, so you can operate desired areas to save on energy costs. A return air ceiling filter is usually located in a hall or passageway to recycle air through the outlets. This type of airconditioner is very efficient in reducing humidity.

Investment from only $5000* to $11000* for average homes installed.