Improving The Performance Of Your Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative air conditioning has a bad reputation. People often call these units ineffective or that they make the air too muggy. The problem is that most people don’t understand how to use them. When you understand how they work, you can create a comfortable environment inside of the home.

You start by adjusting the windows in the home. For an evaporative cooler to work, it needs to push the air out. The best way to do this is to crack a window in each of the rooms of the home. If you want to direct the air flow, open a window in the targeted room. Then leave the windows in other rooms closed at the time.

It is possible to adjust the direction that the air moves with the louvres. This is the ceiling grille that draws in the air. You can adjust the direction and opening size of these grilles to help improve the air flow in your home.

Keeping the unit clean is equally important. Just like a traditional air conditioner, your evaporative air conditioning unit needs routine maintenance. Before the heat sets in, have a professional come out and inspect the system. Have them inspect the belts and gears, while cleaning it out completely. If there is stagnant water, they’ll remove it as this contributes to the fishy odor people often complain about. During this time, they should also replace the pads. Doing this will help the unit to operate effectively over the summer months.

One other important item to touch on is humidity. When it is humid outside, the evaporative cooler won’t work like it normally would. Instead of turning on the pump and wetting the pads, turn on the fan instead. This blows the air through the home like it normally would. Since there is already moisture, this will cool the air. Turning on the pump will only make things hot and muggy instead.

Your evaporative cooler will keep you cooler during the hot summer months. Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a great experience with it this summer and for years to come.


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