Cooling Naturally With Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning can be an effective way to cool a single room, or even a whole home during the hottest summer months. Temperatures can reach a sweltering 30°C in Perth, and during some years temperatures have reached record highs approaching 40°C! January and February are the hottest months, and if you’ve been dealing with the heat for years using conventional cooling methods, it might be time that you start thinking about a better solution.

Evaporative cooling works by introducing humid air in to a hot environment. Because Perth experiences a predominantly dry climate, helped by the desert and sea breezes meeting, introducing water cooled air at around 80% humidity will cool any room through the natural process of evaporation.

Environmentally Friendly Climate Control

If you’re thinking that water cooling your air sounds like a natural process, you would be right. The most common form of climate control, refrigeration based air conditioning, uses gases to cool air. The only necessary elements for evaporative air conditioning are water and the air that’s already in a room.

This not only means that systems are safer for the environment, but they’re also less complex and less expensive. A typical evaporative air conditioning installation could be as little as half the cost of a refrigerant based system. If you’re opting for a portable unit then there are popular solutions from brands like Mistral, Honeywell, and Sunair that begin at under $100 for the smallest units.

Even if you need to cool a larger home, an evaporative air conditioner can be installed just like a regular central inverter. A roof mounted evaporator can be linked to ducting systems that then cool from the ceilings in your home. This means cool, comfortable air in every room of the house.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an evaporative cooler is in the low maintenance. Traditional air conditioners require regular maintenance to replace refrigerant gases, compressors, and gas transporting pipes can even become damaged. A simple evaporative air conditioner in Perth contains only a water pump and a fan, while a more complex mounted unit contains a larger pump and fan, along with filters for the air and water.

Is Evaporative Cooling Right for You?

Whether you choose to go the route of evaporative cooling depends on your own needs. The major downside to a ducted installation is that there are no heating capabilities, so this would be a climate control solution useful only during the hottest months. If you have a natural gas or wood burning heating solution in your home then an evaporative air conditioner would be a smart choice. The cost savings from installation, maintenance, and operation make these coolers the most inexpensive solutions on the market.


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