What To Consider When Sizing An Air Conditioner For Your Home

When the weather is hot outside, especially during January and February in Perth, an Air Conditioner can provide you with a comfortable and cool home. In addition to cooling your environment, an air conditioner can purify the air that you breathe, while also keeping humidity at comfortable levels.

Like any large home appliance, an air conditioner needs to be carefully selected according to your individual needs. In the case of air conditioners, the size of your home and the rooms you want to cool will be an important factor.

Sizing Air Conditioners for Home Installation

When considering the ‘size’ of an air conditioner, it’s actually the maximum output that you want to pay attention to. Cooling power is measured in watts per square meter. Different aspects of your home design, and even the materials used in construction could impact the size of the unit that you need to install. Your installation technician will go to great lengths to ensure that you get the right unit for your needs, without overspending for cooling potential that you won’t use.

The basic formula for residential air conditioners in Perth requires that the unit produces around 145W/m². However, requirements can vary depending on your home.

For example;

A home with a high ceiling would undoubtedly require 145W/m², while a home with a lower ceiling may require less. Factors like the insulative qualities of your home will also influence how much power you need from an air conditioner. An energy efficient home with tightly sealed double glazed windows, and underfloor/ceiling/wall insulation could mean a unit producing less than 145W/m² would be sufficient.

Homes with more than three bedrooms, or homes with multiple living spaces will need at least 145W/m² to ensure adequate cooling. Additionally, if your home in Perth receives intense all day sun exposure, the requirement may be more than 145W/m² to maintain comfortable temperatures.

What Does This Mean for Your Installation?

There are many variables when it comes to choosing the right air conditioner, and that’s why you’ll need professional assistance to select the right unit. A technician can take you through all of the necessary considerations, including those mentioned above, and will then advise you on a unit that will suit your home and family. Modern inverter units use less electricity to provide significant cooling power, so even if you have a larger home you can still cool it at an affordable cost.

Taking the time to choose a unit that matches your home will ensure that you enjoy efficient climate control throughout the lifetime of your air conditioning unit.

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