Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning is a fantastic luxury. Many times we become very used to the comfort that an AC unit provides us. However as with any time of machine, inevitably at some point it will break down or fall into disrepair. The question then becomes who to call. Anymore it may seem that around every corner there is a HVAC technician. Beware though, not all technicians are created equal. When choosing which technician to use can be a real struggle.

The first suggestion that can be made is to talk to friends and family. Getting referrals from trusted friends or family can go a long way to ease your mind. Ask them if the person/company they chose was able to find what was wrong with their air conditioning. Repair of a home of office AC can be costly and you want to ensure that who you choose is able to diagnose the problem. Rather than the method favored by some in which they just change parts and hope they get it right. If your technician uses this method it can not only leave you without AC longer, it also makes the process much more expensive.

The next thing you should do. Check to make sure the techs you have in mind are all licensed and insured. Using a licensed tech is very important. If they are not licensed the repairs that they do may lead to the machines warranty being void. Further you need to make sure that they are insured. With any repair to your home things can go wrong. We all hope that we never have to deal with those types of situations. However if you do it is important that the tech that you are using has insurance that will pay for any damages to your property.

The final thing that you can do to ensure that you are choosing the right tech is to ask for references. These should be people that the tech has done work for in the past. If the tech refuses to provide you with references it should be a red flag. After all if they do great work they will be happy to let you hear it from someone else, however if they are hiding something they will most likely not want you talking to their prior clients.


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